Dr. Karen Gail Lewis - marriage therapist, counseling & marriage therapy in Cincinnati and Washington, DC.

Relationship Therapy & Marriage Counseling

Dr. Karen Gail Lewis - marriage therapist, counseling & marriage therapy in Cincinnati and Washington, DC.

Dr. Karen Gail Lewis

Dr Karen Gail Lewis

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Let me introduce myself  

On this page, you find a brief overview of my clinical practice and experience in therapy and marriage counseling. Then, go explore the other pages for specific areas of interest and more detail. With more than 38 years clinical experience in marriage & relationship counseling (social worker and consulting psychologist), relationship book author, and professional speaker, I offer a wide range of therapy services. My Therapy Practice in Washington, D.C. and Cincinnati, includes:

I pay close attention to the importance that friendships, extended family, and other support networks play in people's lives - and in resolving their problems.

I also do public speaking, for the general public and for organizations. See Speaking Engagements for more information and for some of the more popular topics regarding relationships.

While I help couples repair their relationship via marriage counseling, sometimes that is not possible. and therefore I participate in Collaborative Divorce Counseling according to the International Association of Collaborative Practice.

I have created Unique Retreats for Single Women, for Women Ready for Change, for Women Married to Powerful Men and for Women and Their Siblings.

Over the years, I have published numerous professional relationship books and journal articles as well as books and articles for the general public (Books & Audio). And, I've been interviewed regarding therapy and counseling in multiple media formats.

(For more details on each topic, go to the link provided)

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Improving Your Sibling Relationship (even if it seems impossible)

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Dr. Karen Gail Lewis is an author, therapist, speaker and counselor who writes books on marriage and relationships, including those with siblings.


Women, Are You An Empty Nexter? (No, Not A Typo)
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Dick & Jane Did Grow Up – and Dealt with Their Old Sibling Conflicts
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